Altisense reflectance targets

Suitable for all kind of reflectance analysis and calibration

High quality reflectance targets

Altisense Ltd. produces high quality calibrated reflectance targets. The targets were previously produced by MosaicMill Ltd, and since March 2022 by Altisense Ltd.


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For aerial and terrestrial surveys

Altisense reflectance targets are suitable for all kind of reflectance analysis and calibration tasks. In aerial surveys targets are placed to the survey site and used as field calibration targets for processing reflectance images and true NDVIs of any multispectral or hyperspectral camera. In terrestrial surveys targets can be placed vertically e.g. in LiDAR calibration tasks.

Specifications and customization

Altisense provides 2 %, 9 %, 23 %, 46 % and 85 % reflectance targets, each 50 cm * 50 cm, or in custom sizes up to 2 meters. Several reflectance materials and shapes can be combined into one plate for special purposes. Targets are made of materials with near Lambertian reflectance properties calibrated in laboratory. Calibration is carried out between 400 nm and 2400 nm.

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