Drone inventory services

For forestry, industry, urban areas, and other environments

Professional drone inventory services

Altisense Ltd offers drone inventory services for forestry, industry, urban areas, and other environments. We have been operating since 2016, of which the years 2016–2022 under the name Metsälinkki Ltd. Currently, we operate mainly in Finland, but we have also done projects in Sweden and Spain.

Drone inventory in different locations

We use professional drone equipment and suitable sensors for different areas. Our Specific class license issued by Traficom for both densely and sparsely populated areas, as well as equipment equipped with the necessary safety systems, enable operation in a wide variety of locations. Our work sites have been e.g. factories, ports, roads, soil extraction areas, forest areas and arable areas. 

Measurement data processing

Depending on the destination and the customer's needs, we can either do a drone inventory or also further process the material into measurement data. In addition, we have an extensive cooperation network in the forestry, infrastructure and industry sectors, where we can find a wider range of sector-specific expertise.

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